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Founder Liza Anongchanya first opened Azil Boutique on Hayes Street in San Francisco in 2011, featuring carefully beautiful artisanal pieces. As a small, women-and-minority operated business, Liza and our designers provide a curated selection of jewelry across multiple price points.

 Our handmade jewelry embodies styles from the local and independent designers who we collaborate with to produce a line that is sophisticated yet current. We offer a wide array of metals, styles, and gemstones that are made to last for years to come when properly taken care of. 

 When combining through the multitude of selections we offer, customers will find pieces ranging from gold vermeil to gold fill, to solid gold. This wide selection makes our collections available for a vast range of budgets and occasions. Through collaborating with various artists in the local community, we can intelligently price items, so there is always a piece for everyone. Included in those various artists is the owner, Liza’s own line of designs, Ofina Jewelry. She handcrafts and designs classic, timeless pieces using a variety of metals and gemstones. Azil’s customers will simultaneously try trendy chunky gold vermeil hoops while investing in a delicate solid gold chain to add to their collection. 

As a small business, we are further able to accommodate our customers by engaging in conversations about their favorite trends and styles. We adopt a hands-on approach to supply what clients are interested in, continually updating our inventory to reflect feedback and suggestions. Additionally, we take steps to make sure pieces are perfect for our customers, whether it be adjusting the length of a chain necklace in real-time for someone who walks into our store or resizing a diamond ring that will be gifted for the holidays. 

For over a decade, Azil has explored what it means to make stunning jewelry affordable. Customers come to us from around the world to find pieces that speak to them, and we partner with shops around the country to offer our collections to various communities. At Azil Boutique, we believe everyone should wear something beautiful that reflects the person within.

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